Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey there, I come with exciting news! I have switched blogs! Yes, leatherandloafers has officially switched to

Hurry, go check it out!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Lately, school hasn't been treating me the best a.k.a. tons of homework, tests, and quizzes. So to cope, I've been focusing on the things that make me happy.

lots of food:





These two cuties:

I super-seized Awkward and Awesome:

-That bad smell in gym class and wondering, is that me? as i casually smell myself.
-Finding myself stuck on the left side of the hallway going against traffic while repeating sorry, sorry, sorry, at every person you ram into.
-Not having any friends in gym class and having to partner up with the defective freshmen of the class.
-Tripping myself while walking in Uggs (they're so big and bulky).
-When someone compliments me on my haircut and after i say "thank you" the conversation falls silent since there's really nothing else to talk about with that person.
-Those protection goggles in chemistry class. Not exactly the most flattering things.
- My cat licking his rear while company's over. C'mon Mickey, save it for later.
-Awkward conversations with my chemistry teacher. *I'm hoping they'll get me a better grade* (it's called strategy)
-Feeling way overdressed in church, since when have Uggs become appropriate?
-Realizing that you're walking the wrong way down the hallway at school and having to make a complete 180 in the middle of everyone. (I avoid this at all costs, even if it means going the long way)
-The fact that coming up with awkward things is so enjoyable for me.

-Decorating the Christmas tree.
-Having a substitute teacher. (I really need to stop taking advantage of them)
-Cee Lo Green, in general.
-Eating some leftover cake at 11 o'clock last night. Worth every bite.
-The fact that mumsy has been so open to go out shopping with me (:
-My shaycarl shirt = incredible
-The saying: I'm like a bad penny, I keep popping up.

p.s. that smell in gym class wasn't me, promise.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot Tamale Challenge feat. Lianne


Gettin' nervous


coolin' down

wait, it's not over!

It's hotter than i thought

10mins later - all better

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please Explain...

why today is December 1st -the first day of my Christmas countdown- and it is raining outside! I decked out in white with high-hopes that the expected rain showers would turn into a snow blizzard. BUT NO! The weather God up in the sky decided to welcome December with windy, rainy, stormy weather. If anything, I am officially less excited about Christmas. So much for getting into the Christmas spirit.

*Don't let the pictures fool you. My smiles come from the love received by sister standing in the rain taking my picture. I'm actually quite upset.Well, not really. Just go with it.*

no explanation

my bum-bum

cliche pose


trying to show my nails

not posed for, promise

in the rain


and falling

Sweater-Ralph Lauren

Saturday, November 27, 2010

decisions, decisions


Sweater and Tank from Gap

I've been debating for a while now on what to do with my hair! First, I wanted to ombre it. Then, I wanted to completely die it a lighter color. Now, I want to cut it short (shoulder-length). Though,  I do love my long hair (It's sort of a comfort blanket). What should I do?

Look how long!

ummm don't ask

Cute little naked boy statue in my's an italian thing.

ugh! I cant make up my minds!

essie-bright tights (looks more orange in person)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Took a little inspiration from TheDaybook....

-Entering a dressing room with tons of clothes and leaving with no clothes.
-That face I make while applying chapstick (you know you do it).
-When your hairs a mess and you 're completely unaware until you look in a mirror and wonder, has my hair looked like this all day?
-Staring at the lady with her sunglasses on inside and not realizing she's giving you dirty look since you're so caught up with the fact the she's inside with sunglasses on!
-Getting a pen stuck in your hair (seems to be a daily occurance for me).
-Not being able to handle the heat of your Starbucks cup without one of those sleeves.

-Christmas music in general.
-Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks (tastes like Christmas).
-Pre-Thanksgiving excitement.
-My 2-year-old neighbor who smiles for no apparent reason.
-Christmas window displays (i LOVE Christmas).
-Watching little kids grow up.
-Plain White T's-Rhythm of Love...on replay.
-Lianne's new buttons!

Now, for a few pictures taken of my weekend:

Sugar Cookies-success!

My wrapping skills (are great)

Wish i could find those pajamas in my size!

Me and Emma (Gavin's twin sister) (:

BCBGMAXAZRIA's window displays

Tonight's full moon

I can honestly say this weekend was a good one.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My "Life"

Let's start with Saturday...

Well, this awesome girl named Lianne came over!

Totes man, Totes.

Now, on to Sunday...

Sunday's Happenings:
-Ate a cupcake for breakfast.
-Contemplated wether to start my english homework.
-Put off english homework and instead listened to VV Brown over and over...and over again.
-Attempted to do my hair like TheDaybook, but failed (while listening to VV Brown).
-Got dressed (again, while listening to VV Brown).
-Dad surprised me with news that I'll be getting a new phone soon (space button on current phone no longer works).
-Made peanut butter cups with mother.
-Had mumsy take pictures of me.
-Looked at the pictures to find nothing but blur.
-Helped mom move into her new cubicle at work which is in the worst location possible.
-Headed to pick up sissy from work but were 20 mins early.
-Went to starbucks to burn time-ordered an unsweetened iced tea lemonade.
-Had steak and potatoes for dinner.
-Finally did my english homework and the dishes (it's funny how productive I become at 8pm on Sunday).
-Went to bed.
*yes, i have many different names for my mother/mum/mom/mumsy.

Glamour magazine-the nail trend I am dieing to try!

(this pretty much sums up my priorities)

Monday! (Tried making Monday's sound more exciting with the "!")

I swear, my hair is taking over my face!

Sweater-H&M    Belt-J.Crew

Yeah, so my week has been pretty exciting so far! Scratch that, who am i kidding? I lead a boring life! Well, actually, now that i think about it, I have no life at all.